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Hard truths

95 %
of organisations cannot claim that they have a seamless customer experience across channels today
90 %
of consumers feel that organisations are disjointed and dysfunctional and shift them from one silo to another
86 %
of organisations believe they should execute a business transformation initiative regularly just to stay competitive and relevant

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5 Characteristics of an Organic Business

An organic business has two important benefits over a traditional mechanistic setup: [1] it can process and distribute relevant information and knowledge much faster, and [2] it possesses an ability to decide and execute fast, and in accordance with the available information and knowledge. Five key characteristics reflect the nature of an organic business today.

Minefield of IT’s Capability Mapping Method

One of the major problems that separate corporate business from corporate technology is not only in functions they represent in the corporate structure, but also in the languages these two realms use. Examples of such confusions are discussed in this article.